Michael is a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, where he works in the Software Reliability Group (SRG) and Multicore Programming Group on compiler testing. His research interests notably include software testing, fomal methods, symbolic execution, data-intensive software, compilers and evolutionary computation.

Prior to joining SRG, he has worked as a postdoc for two years at the CEA List Institute in Paris, in collaboration with Sebastien Bardin and Nikolai Kostmatov, as well as for one year at the INRIA Institute in Paris, funded by an ERCIM fellowship. His main contribution has been the development of the Frama-C/LTest unified framework for automated testing powered by formal methods.

He earned his PhD from the University of Namur (Belgium) in 2014, funded by an F.R.S.-FNRS fellowship, under the supervision of Wim Vanhoof and Jean-Luc Hainaut. His main contributions have been a) the development of symbolic execution for testing programs interacting with a SQL database and b) the writing of a full practical textbook for teaching basic compiler design. In 2009, he has been a research trainee, funded by an Erasmus traineeship, at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide of Seville (Spain), where he has worked over evolutionary computation for big data analytics, under the supervision of Federico Divina. He is the holder of two master’s degrees from the University of Namur, one in Computer Science and one in Physics, both obtained with the Highest Distinction.

Michael has published in high-quality international conferences and journal (including ICSE, ICST, SCP and GECCO) and his detailed research track records, together with additional information, can be found at www.marcozzi.net.