Alastair F. Donaldson (Ally)

Ally is a Reader? (roughly equivalent to US Associate Professor) in Computing at Imperial College London where he is:

Ally teaches courses on Object-Oriented Programming and Software Reliability.

Ally was cohort mentor for second year PhD students, July 2013-January 2014.

Ally’s bio

Multicore Programming Group

The Multicore Programming Group‘s research aim is to help software developers in the construction of applications that are both reliable (ideally, they do not go wrong; realistically, they do not go wrong too often) and efficient (they run quickly and do not consume too much energy). These are competing aims: optimising software for performance and energy-efficiency is challenging, and even the most skilled developers risk introducing serious flaws into a system during the process of optimisation. Our work attempts to help this situation by providing system-level formal verification and testing techniques to help expert programmers write correct low-level software, and high-level programming models from which efficient implementations can be generated to allow non-expert programmers to avoid the pitfalls of hand-optimisation.

Our work focuses primarily on software for multicore and manycore systems, since exploiting parallelism is nowadays the principle means for accelerating applications.

Ally’s Bio

Ally is married to Chris, who runs Little Wild Things, and they have two kids, Poppy and Felix, and two cats, Jekyll and Minty.