Software Reliability 2016/2017
MEng 4 and MSc selected specialisms, Department of Computing
Imperial College London


17 October 2016

Recommended reading papers posted.

06 October 2016

Software Reliability 2016/2017 web site goes live.


  • Compilers: The coursework component of Software Reliability will involve building a program processing tool that works at the level of a program's syntax tree. If you have not previously taken a course on compilers (such as the Imperial Compilers course) that involved manipulating program syntax trees then you may find this coursework particularly challenging.
  • Logic: The course will make frequent use of fundamental concepts from first order logic, such as those covered in the Imperial Logic and Reasoning about Programs courses
  • Strong programming skills: For the coursework component, it is essential that you are a confident programmer, and being confident in Java programming will give you a particular advantage.
  • The papers we will study overlap with the research area of computer systems. Background from the Operating Systems course (or equivalent) may be useful in understanding these papers, but is not essential.

    Many of the research papers and examples in the lecture notes are based on C code examples, thus you should have a reasonable grasp of C.