Software Reliability 2016/2017
MEng 4 and MSc selected specialisms, Department of Computing
Imperial College London


17 October 2016

Recommended reading papers posted.

06 October 2016

Software Reliability 2016/2017 web site goes live.

Distinguishing Features of this Course

The course differs a little from most other courses in the Department of Computing:
  • Coursework intensive. The course features one large project, split into two milestones, during which you will build a program verification tool. This coursework will be a large undertaking. Consequently, there is a higher weighting of marks for coursework.
  • Examinable research papers. During the course we will study three research papers. This is important to give you a clear impression of the thriving, ongoing and uncertain nature of research in Software Reliability. The contents of these papers will be examinable. See the Reading List for details of the papers.
See Examination for details of the allocation of marks to coursework and the final exam.