Software Reliability 2016/2017
MEng 4 and MSc selected specialisms, Department of Computing
Imperial College London


17 October 2016

Recommended reading papers posted.

06 October 2016

Software Reliability 2016/2017 web site goes live.


The coursework is to build a program verifier for a simple C-like language. This significant design and implementation task is worth 33% of the marks for the course (see Examination for details).

To help you manage your time, the coursework is split into two parts: in part 1, you will build a verifier for loop-free programs. In part 2, you will turn this into a full verifier for programs with procedures and loops, incorporating several different analysis modes. Part 1 carries a small weighting in terms of marks, and is in place to encourage you to get started and make progress early. The majority of the marks are associated with part 2.

A full specification is provided on CATe.