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Paper on a sound and complete abstraction for reasoning about parallel prefix sums accepted at POPL'14


The Multicore Programming group is part of the Computer Systems section within the Department of Computing. We have strong links with the Department's Software Performance Optimization, Software Reliability, and Local Resource Reasoning research groups.

Currently we are especially focussed on verification of multicore software, particularly GPU kernels, and on automatic techniques for finding concurrency-related bugs in multicore programs.

We are designing novel verification and symbolic testing techniques, and implementing them as working tools on top of analysis engines including Boogie, CBMC, SatAbs and KLEE.


Group leader

Alastair F. Donaldson

Postdoctoral researchers

Adam Betts
Jeroen Ketema
John Wickerson

PhD students

Paul Thomson
Nathan Chong
Daniel Liew (co-supervised with Cristian Cadar)
Pantazis Deligiannis
Ethel Bardsley


Peter Collingbourne, postdoc, May-September 2012. Now at Google.
Egor Kyshtymov, UROP student, summer 2012.
Cassie Epps, UROP student, summer 2012.